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How Fiverr Clone Let's You Embark Your Own Freelance Marketplace Website

The gig economy has been developing at a very rapid pace. People are now turning towards becoming independent and self-reliant professionals. This made them go online with sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. As the number of freelancers kept on increasing, the clone scripts of these mentioned sites also came into the market. Especially the Fiverr Clone Script has been much in demand.

We at ClonesCloud have built a robust Fiverr Clone Script that will let you rule the market like no one else. It has been embellished with various striking advantages and features for its key-role parties.
Here is what we have to unleash about our Freelance Marketplace:
What assistance will you get from us for our Fiverr Clone?

  • We provide full support from the time when you buy our Fiverr Clone till the time you get started with it. We even assist in solving any issues post-deployment.
  • Ours is a ready-made software that lets you get started with your Freelance Website within no time.
  • You can also get a new website developed as per your requirements that includes all features as per your desires.

What makes our Freelance Service so strong and powerful?

  • We have structured our clone script by using open source languages like Ajax, HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySql, etc.
  • These technologies make our Fiverr Script highly scalable and customizable for you so that you can add any feature that you want to.
  • This clone is a divided framework of departments. Each is quality tested for assuring you the highest quality platform.
  • This results in higher end-user experience. It gives you loyal clients that stick with you for the lifetime.

What is in our Freelance Script for every key-role player?

There are mainly three key-role players of Fiverr Clone

a) Admin
Admin is the sole controller of the script. Admin gets all the rights regarding the management of various listings, services, orders, different classification of categories, requests, etc. Admin enjoys the ultimate powers of the platform.

b) Sellers
Sellers are the ones who cater to the buyers’ requests by offering them various offers, quotes of proposals, manage their orders given by the buyers, share their services on various social media.

c) Buyers
Buyers are the people who can search out for various services through advanced search and filter options, accept/reject quotes of sellers, give reviews to the sellers and their functions, add services to list of favorite, etc.

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What is there inside our Fiverr Clone as an earning option?

Again the key-role players have the most prominent advantage as the earning options that we have inbuilt in our clone script. It is as follows:

a) Admin

  • Commission: The admin earns the commission when any buyer and seller indulge into any agreement and even when it gets completed.
  • Credit purchasing plans: Whenever any seller purchases the credits to transfer it to others, the admin earns the credit purchase earnings from the sellers.
  • Featuring services: If any seller wants to function their services differently, they need to pay extra fees for featuring their services individually on your platform.

b) Sellers

Sellers earn revenue when they get hired for offering their services. They even win when any buyer purchases any order from them.

Through deploying our Fiverr Clone Script, you will be able to get started with your Online Outsourcing platform where you can bring the service providers and service seekers together and earn handsomely. You are just a step away from turning your dreams into reality. Get in touch with us at

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