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Flippa Clone - Your Simple Way To Kickstart Buying and Selling Marketplace for ​Websites, Domains, Apps

The virtual marketplace is a universal online platform for buying and selling of anything and everything. Be it products, services and nowadays even the websites, domains, apps, start-ups and ready-made sites are sold in the virtual marketplace.

Build2Flip - A supreme Flippa Clone Script

Build2Flip is a powerful Marketplace Script coded to assist you to build a Website and Domains Marketplace similar to Flippa. Website And Domains Marketplace is a place where buying and selling of websites, domains, apps, start-ups and the ready-made​ site takes place. Our Website Marketplace Script helps you to build such a marketplace in no-time, so you can save your valuable resources such as time and money and employ them at those places where they are needed more.

Customize Domain Selling Script and be the King in market

Our Flippa Clone is loaded with all the primary features, and it also allows you to make changes quickly so that you can get started with easy customization of features. With customized Domain Selling Script you will furnish out of the box service to your users and in this way you can beat the competition easily.

Flippa Clone

If you are planning to get in the business of website and domains marketplace, then Build2Flip is your paramount option. Build2Flip is loaded with unique features for its key role players like:

Common Features:

  • SQL Injection Proof Structure
  • Email and Dashboard Notifications
  • Private Messaging (To share files)
  • Easy Admin Contact
  • Paypal Standard Payment
  • 100% Source Code & Customizable
  • Maintenance Mode
  • 1 Year Support and Updates
  • SEO Friendly URLs

Admin Features:

  • Highly Managed Admin Panel
  • High-End Admin panel CMS
  • Subadmin management
  • User Management
  • Website Categories and Web Type Management
  • App Category Management
  • Payment History & Management
  • Abusive Keyword Defense
  • Export Payment details with CSV & XLS
  • View User's Login History

Seller Features:

  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Login with Facebook and Google plus
  • Domain & APP Management
  • Verify Contact number
  • Google Analytics
  • Preferred Winner Selection Facility
  • Transfer Files to Buyer
  • Highlight Listings by Paying Fees
  • Set a Reserve Price
  • Ownership Verification

Buyer Features:

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Easy to Search Listings 
  • Private Messaging Board to Communicate With Seller
  • Login with Facebook and Google plus
  • Give Review and Ratings to Sellers
  • Place a Bid
  • Report Website/Domain/APP
  • Make an offer
  • Verify Contact number
  • Request a Reserve Price

These are the features that make our Website Marketplace Script the unparalleled script in the market. These are just the highlights of the long list of features that we provide in our Flippa Clone Script - Build2Flip that enhances your experience of being the Php Website And Domains Marketplace owner.


Just take one step ahead and connect with us to harvest never-ending huge stacks of profit by using our Domain Marketplace Script that is the best in the industry. We at ClonesCloud, believe in delivering what we promise.

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